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  • Does it cost money to have an account at The Simcha Mall?
    Of course not! Signing up for an account is always free here! However, there is a one-time $50 fee to have a listing posted.
  • Does The Simcha Mall charge a commission off every booking made on the site?
    The Simcha Mall takes a flat fee of $50-$60 depending on how you set up payments. There is a credit card transaction fee (usually 2.9% + .30 for the U.S.) that PayPal and/or Stripe charge, and will be deducted from the amount you charge for deposit as well. To learn more about PayPal's fees read this. For Stripe payments read this.
  • Does The Simcha Mall charge a booking fee?
    Nopes no fees to book. Book away!
  • Do I pay the full amount of the service on the site?
    The site only takes a deposit and gives it directly to the service provider to ensure you mean business. The balance is due at the event unless otherwise notified by the service provider.
  • Can I charge the full amount of my service on the site?
    The site officially only takes the deposit. But the way around it, is to just put in the full amount when filling out the deposit amount.
  • Do I have to add pictures and/or videos to my listing?
    No you don't. Those are optional. But, someone is way more likely to book you if he sees what your all about. A listing without images or videos is likely not to get any bookings. Like they say - seeing is believing!
  • How do I get paid?
    Service providers have to set up a PayPal Business account in order to receive payments. If you have an existing PayPal account you can upgrade it to a business account. It's simple, easy and free! Or you can sign up and create a new PayPal account, just make sure to set it up as a Business Account.
  • Can I accept any other form of payment? Like cash, check, quickpay, unicorns..."
    No, unicorns are not an acceptable currency (yet!). We have PayPal set up as our only payment method to guarantee safety of all our communtity members. This way we can track all payments and make sure nothing goes wrong. If you would like to accept another form of payment, they're might be an option. Contact us for details on this.
  • How do I add a PayPal account?
    In your Settings page, go to Payments, and you will be guided through the process. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.
  • Can I have help adding my PayPal account / upgrading to a business PayPal account?
    Of course! We're with you every step of the way! Please contact us with any questions regarding this and/or anything else.
  • What does it mean when I see the listing was created by "The Simcha Mall"?"
    The Simcha Mall offers an option for vendors to have their listing managed by us. That means when someone inquires about that listing, we get the message and contact the vendor, like your secretary would. We do charge a fee for this though. Contact us for details.
  • I'm having trouble logging in
    Are you sure your putting in the right details? Have you tried resetting your password? If you're still having issues please contact us.
  • How do I add videos to my listing?
    Great question! When adding or editing a listing, you can add however many YouTube links in the description field. Our system automatically detects it as a YouTube link and the video gets displayed right under the description. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.
  • Is the site only for music related services?
    Right now it is, but that might change in the future. So look out!
  • How do I get my listing featured on the Home Page?
    You guessed it! Contact us. We'll let you know our pricing.
  • How do I post a listing / service?
    To post a service, click on the + Post a new listing button. You will then be asked to Log in or Sign up if you aren't logged in already. If you were logged in already, your ready to post!
  • Can I get help writing my profile and posting a listing?
    Absolutely! If you need help with anything, please contact us.
  • Can I list more than one service?
    Of course! You can list however many services you'd like! As a matter of a fact, we recommend creating a seperate listing for each service you do. For example, if you do Productions and One Man Band, or if you do One Man Band and Sing, you should create a seperate listing for each service so that people can find you easier if they're looking for a specific service etc.
  • What do I do when I receive a request to book?
    Make sure you get all the details you need from the one interested in your service, make sure your available the time and date he/she requested, then, just accept! Happy Bookings My Friend!
  • How do I ensure lots of bookings?
    1. Add photos and videos of your services - seeing is believing. 2. Price right - remember they're comparing you to their other options. 3. Provide details - the more the merrier. Don't leave them confused! 4. Reply to requests quickly - no one wants to wait around for an answer. 5. Say YES to requests - Requests = Feedback, Feedback = Trust, Trust = Bookings! 6. Get seen! Get yourself featured on our home page! Contact us for details.
  • Can I choose when/if to accept a service?
    Yes. Your service, your choice. No obligations.
  • How do I get in touch with my client?
    You can always contact him through our online secure messaging system.
  • How do I get reviews?
    You get reviews only from people who actually booked you on the site. They have an option to give you a positive or negative review upon finishing payment, and when he marks the service as complete.
  • Can anyone leave reviews?
    No. Only people that actually make a booking can leave a review. This insures that they're are no fake reviews.
  • How much money should I charge for my service?
    It's all up to you obviously, but here's a few things to have in mind: How much would I pay for such a service? What are others charging for my service? What makes it worth while for me? The cheapest you could go might just get you more bookings. The minimum amount to charge on the site is $100.00
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